The Bear and the Fairy

Peter Munthe-Kaas
4 min readMay 26, 2021


Some years ago I started writing short stories based on circling experiences from the trans-personal realm. That is, the times where it felt as if what was going on had some kind of arch typical energy. I had a plan of making the short stories into a children’s book with “the young woman” as a protagonist, but never got around to finishing many of the stories. Now I will be posting some of the stories here and maybe that will inspire me to finish those that are currently only sketches.

The bear and the fairy

One day, as the young woman was walking through the thick woods, she saw a huge bear looming over a small, thin figure. At first she was afraid that the small figure was being attacked and ran to its help, but when she got closer it looked as though they were engaged in deep conversation.

The two figures turned their heads at her as she came near. A big, brown bear and a small winged woman in a flowing dress.They both had tears streaming down their faces. The young woman felt intrusive, but as they both just kept looking at her, as frozen in time she asked:
“Why are you crying?”

To her surprise it was the bear that answered first. In a slow, thundering voice it said:
“I am crying because we have to part soon…I love her you see”

It continued:
“You see this forest? This is all mine — I am the unconquered king of this place. Before she flew into my life I lived here in solitude, requiring nothing from others thinking I was satisfied in my own place of power”.

“But you see…when I met this one…I have never wanted for anything as much as for her to tame me…”

“I see you don’t understand. It is about what she allows me to see in myself. She is so fragile that I could rip her apart, but in that fragility lays her power. I love her because she shows me uncompromising vulnerability — i can do nothing but surrender to that. By showing herself to me, she breaks my heart wide open and reveals the longing of my soul to me.”

Then the fairy spoke:
“I used to fly wherever the winds took me, being pulled here and there, never pausing to think about myself or my desires from life, living only for others. His unwavering love for me makes me relax into myself and allows me to feel that I am worthy of receiving what i long for.”

“By being with me in his stillness and affection, hearing me out in great reverence and respect, he melts my fear into openness — his love strengthens me in being vulnerable, showing what’s alive in me. For me it is an entrance to my inner worlds, that vivid landscape, which normally i can’t see for all the distractions around me.”

“So you see. By being with me in his stillness and affection, he has shown me how to be with myself…he has shown me that I am worthy of love.”

“I love him for his warmth, his stillness and what he opens up in me. I love him for not judging my love for being different than his. But much too soon we have to part. The winds will soon carry me onwards and he has to stay here in his forest.”

The bear shook his head slowly:
“I am an animal and she is a being of light and magic. We cannot be lovers in this time. Our loves are not the same. Mine is primal, of the earth. I feel it like a flood of desire crashing at my insides. Her love is like a soft wind moving through my fur, full of care and compassion.”

“But I feel no fear. I know my love for her and I know that it is impossible and that it will break my heart. Still I desire to keep breaking it until it opens completely and I love her for showing me the way. I love her because she allows me to love her — unjudging.”

The fairy looked the young woman in the eye while speaking:
“Even though my love is different he’s staying in his love with me, unconditionally. He shows me by that to value myself and the longings that lingers within me.“

“Now please leave us to say our goodbyes, but remember if you will that being with someone, unjudging, can open up the most stubborn or fleeting of hearts.”

With that they both turned away and again sat frozen, this time looking deeply into each others eyes, leaving the young woman to her own thoughts while she walked on.



Peter Munthe-Kaas

I am a Copenhagen based researcher of urban development, workshop facilitator and body therapist. In all my work I focus on sensitivity and relating.