Circling seen through different lenses

Peter Munthe-Kaas
2 min readMay 22, 2023

When first experienced, for most people, Circling is a beautiful practice of becoming more present with oneself and for seeing how we impact others. It is a very unique way of exploring ourselves in connection and deepening intimacy with others by bringing forth what is true in the moment. When moving further with the practice several interconnected dimensions of the practice begin to emerge and I have tried to describe my experience of three of them here.

Circling as Communitas
Circling has (maybe except for really good dancefloors) been the clearest experiences I have had of being with the great unknown in a group — a secular church. The presence, awareness and sense of being in awe of the mystery of life are the elements that strike me as significant here. It is the experience of what Victor Turner has called “Communitas” — a collective experience of liminality or flow.

Circling as relational skills training
Circling has for me been a magnificent tool to develop new relational capacities. Through Circling I have learned to navigate my day-to-day relationships with more sensitivity and with the courage to bring what is true for me. The capacity to welcome myself as well as the other is an ever deepening journey and opens space to communicate boundaries as well as needs and longings more clearly.

Circling as an embodiment practice.
In my years of Circling I have become increasingly curious about how the practice supports me in bringing my embodied knowing. With this focus the practice is about really staying at the level of sensation and moving with what arises, deeply trusting the wisdom in my body-being to guide me. For me it has also been a great discovery that I can embody and move with my emotions rather than acting them out or talking about them.



Peter Munthe-Kaas

I am a Copenhagen based researcher of urban development, workshop facilitator and body therapist. In all my work I focus on sensitivity and relating.